DAVE RODGERS / Gamble Rumble feat. MOTSU

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頭文字Dの大人気曲『Gamble Rumble』、レジェンドコラボカバーが実現!
配信はこちら : avex.lnk.to/Gamble
アニメ『MFゴースト』公式サイト: mfg-anime.com/

車&EUROBEATブームの火付け役とも言える大人気アニメ「頭文字D」の数ある主題歌の中でも代名詞とも言える楽曲『Gamble Rumble』が、
リリースから22年の時を経て、「Deja Vu」、「SPACE BOY」などアニメ「頭文字D」の代表的な劇中EUROBEATを手掛けたEUROBEATの帝王”DAVE RODGERS”と、

DAVE RODGERS『Gamble Rumble feat. MOTSU』
Lyrics : motsu
RAP Lyrics : motsu
English lyrics translation : DAVE RODGERS
Music : t-kimura
Arrangement : DAVE RODGERS, M.O.R (Eurobeat Union)

オリジナルのm.o.v.e『Gamble Rumble』はこちら
MV : www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhTxlm4REQc

Initial D’s popular song “Gamble Rumble”, a legend collaboration cover is realized!
Stream or Download : avex.lnk.to/Gamble
“MF GHOST”, an anime successor to the world of Initial D, will be broadcast on TV from 2023!
Anime “MF GHOST” Official Website: mfg-anime.com/

“Gamble Rumble” is a song that can be said to be synonymous among the many theme songs of the popular anime “Initial D”, which can be said to have sparked the car & EUROBEAT boom!
After 22 years, the emperor of EUROBEAT “DAVE RODGERS” who worked on EUROBEAT in the animation “Initial D” such as “Deja Vu” and “SPACE BOY”, A legendary collaboration cover by “MOTSU”, who is in charge of RAP of m.o.v.e!

【Comment from Dave Rodgers】
“A very exciting collaboration with the great motsu, I couldn’t wait to be able to duet on a piece of Japanese pop history! And now enjoy, and don’t abuse it when you drive your car!!”

【Comment from motsu】
“Dave and I were hanging out at Maharaja Roppongi in October last year when we excitedly declared, ‘Let’s make something together’. From that moment until now, our teams have moved at lightning speed to bring the project to life, but no one was as fast or as full of surprises as Emperor Dave! It was obvious why he’s considered a legend. Fast, precise, and filled with beautiful passion. As for me, I put the full weight of my momentum into this track. All of this miraculous work was done for you, the listener and driver. Please enjoy it.”

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